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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kevin Paul Butterworth who was born in Hillingdon - UK on February 18, 1988 and passed away on May 10, 2007 at the age of 19. We will remember him forever, and carry him in our hearts day in and day out!  

Kevin, born second of two boys to Karen and Andrew Butterworth. 

From what I found in the short two years that I knew him, and from what many have to say about him, he was born ready to embrace each and every day as it came. 

I can recall clearly being woken up at 8am on a saturday or sunday morning by him saying "Come on!! - wake up! - lets do something - Don't sleep your life away!" This was classic Kev - live each day to the full.... He certainly achieved that!

Throughout his years he developed stronge relationships with friends of which contributed to his exciting life. 
Not only with friends but with his family. 
He had a fantastic relationship with his parents, and in particular his brother, David. 

Kev was a very sporty/active person, with a very unique soul! When he walked into a room you could bet your life it wouldn't take long for that room to ignite, and for his charms, and cheeky smile to achieve smiles and laughs all around him! 

- He lived for water, he really was a water boy! - He was fantastic at canoeing of which he got from his father, and swimming from his mother, he enjoyed anything water based, he enjoyed wake boarding, surfing, in fact he would try pretty much anything... and i believe this is clear when you look at his pictures! 

- In contradiction to his active manor he did also enjoy a good sleep, he was an artist at that! - those who knew him are likely to be laughing at this point...

Kev has made a life changing impact on all that knew him - I can only speak of me personally and tell you that he truely was a special person in every single shape or form that I can think off! 

He is missed daily, and every second of the day. 

If there is one lesson that I have learnt and intend on passing on is this:

Life is too short to hold grudges, to live it in vain, and to waste it away... Enjoy it to the FULL and live each day as if it were your last, that way we can all say we live like Kev!

Those who pass are those who are ok, it's the people left behind.... But its not goodbye, just see you soon....

With all my love and admiration;
Tributes and Condolences
thoughts  / Mabel
Three years already Kev. Sometimes its feels like yesterday.. I know I did not write for a long time but this does not mean I am not thinking about u often.. Pat and I sometimes sit in the garden remembering the times we passed together. Your tree is...  Continue >>
From Our Family to Yours   / Family Of William Myers
OUR ANGEL IN HEAVEN   / Mabel (Natalies mum )
Kevin its been a year and a half already and as I said before feels so long and like yesterday. Its hard to explain but I know you understand. There is not a day we dont think about you darling. When I go to the garden the first think I do is to look...  Continue >>
For Kevin   / Denise Kneale (connected by angels )
Dear Kevin, Please stay close to your dear family and friends, leaving them small signs of your love, peace and strength. A book that will help: Love Never Dies by Sandy Goodman.....True story of a mother's journey from loss to love. Love and Ble...  Continue >>
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I'm going to miss you this Christmas!  / Natalie Doyle (Girlfriend)    Read >>
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His legacy
The Lewis Butterworth Cup ~  

Starting from this year, (unsure of the date) - the Neasden Depot for the Met Line - London will be holding a yearly under 40's Vs over 40's, football match, where the trophy will be named after 
Kevin and another work colegue also named Kevin:

'The Lewis BUTTERWORTH' cup!

In honour of Kevin..

~ Chicken KEV!! ~  

Kev Left a million things, memories, thoughts, and impacts on us behind... But one thing in particular - something everybody loves and everybody now knows about!!

His favorite chicken....


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